4th NOAA Workshop on Leveraging AI in Environmental Sciences has ended
The interactive workshop will be a virtual event to build collaboration and initiate the active development of AI-powered applications and community standards.

We invite developers, data scientists, domain experts, social scientists, and downstream users to form small teams around different use cases that are relevant to three themes relevant to NOAA Mission Areas: Fire Weather and Impacts, AI for Ocean Conservation, and Interoperable Digital Twin Earth.

All information about workshop logistics can be found in the handbook for participants.

If you encounter issues registering for the workshop, please contact ai.workshop@noaa.gov.
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Bob Currier

Texas A&M University
Beverly Hills, FL
I specialize in ocean observation data management and visualization from a multitude of sources including optical, biological and geophysical instrumentation deployed on autonomous underwater vehicles. I use a diverse toolset: Docker, Python, Flask, ERDDAP, SciPy, Node.js, Highcharts.js, Matplotlib, MongoDB, PostGIS, MySQL, Git, D3 and Leaflet.js. I develop advanced web-based mapping applications to disseminate and visualize oceanographic data. My research centers around developing an automated phytoplankton identification tool using OpenCV 3.0, Keras, TensorFlow, and convolutional neural networks. I'm also investigating mining social media feeds and using deep learning to develop geo-referenced real-time visualizations using the MapD GPU-enabled database.
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